Are Your Telephone and Data Systems Outdated?

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Telephone and data systems are always improving. To make sure you keep up with the changes, hire the professionals at Home Communications. We offer telephone and data wiring installation at residential and commercial properties in San Francisco, CA.

Our experts can modify or add wires, jacks and cables to your system. We can also rewire or install your new cabling and wiring. We have the experience to make sure your systems are installed correctly.

Attempting to perform these jobs yourself can lead to expensive corrective work. Allow us to install all of your telephone and wiring systems for a job done right the first time. Contact us today at 415-677-9575 to wire your home right the first time.

Our services

We provide a variety of services to get your systems up to date, including:

Cat 5e cable installation and repair
Cat 6 cable installation and repair
Cat 6 plus cable installation and repair
Telephone and data jack repair
Troubleshooting for small and medium-sized businesses
Data network installation

Get in touch with us now to connect with anyone anywhere without any annoying delays.